productivity with Pomodoro and micro checklist

I have recently started to use a productivity theory called Pomodoro. The principe with Pomodoro is that you work focused on something for 25 min, having a micro break for 5 min and then continue. After 4 sessions you have a longer break for 15 min. I have been using this in combination with a micro checklist. What i mean with micro checklist is to have a check list like this.

micro checklist example

[] big task1
	[] small task1
	[] small task2
	[] small task3

By making a list of small task that should take less then 25 min the best is if you can fit a few in since you want to try to finish the task in the Pomodoro session. after each micro tank is done you can check it by adding a x inside [X]. The important thing here is to have the task strict enough to not have to think about what to do when you are in the Pomodoro session. When you are in the Pomodoro session you don’t want do have to be interrupted since you will get out of your flow.

during the session you should not do anything then the task that you have defined. NO email, chat, news sites Nothing, that is what you can use your break for. You may ask how about you colleagues, and your manager, you have to explain what you are planing to do or are doing. It will not be that hard to get them onboard when they understand that this is something that you are doing to get more done and be as productive as possible. The most you will be unavailable is 25 min.

if you feel that the sessions are to short you can adjust to a bit to fit you better but then have a bit longer breaks after each session. For me having 25 min works well, that is what you should do if you want to follow `Pomodoro. If you can’t get done with the micro task you should probably split the tasks in even smaller chunks

i am using a application Pomodoro+ you can find it on the Apples Appstore. There is a free version and a payed one. i recommend getting the payed one since you will give back something to the developer.