stay up to date with tech

Keeping up with tech. I like read and be aware of what is going on in tech, security, apple, linux, development, testing, and some devops related topics. I have attached a OPML file from my feedly where i get most of my news if your interested. I am frequently listening to a few podcasts, I’m using a awesome podcast iPhone` app overcast to litsen. The smart speed saves some time, voice boost helps to boost the voice those is the features i think it best for me.

One of the more important areas for me is the security blogs and news one medium is the podcast Security Now. The reason for this is to be aware and understand security vulnerabilities, what you can do to patch and protect you and your systems, from the new and bad vulnerabilities that gets public mainly when related to linux and open source since that is what i am using.

Also keeping up with testing blogs and development blogs is important to get useful information about new things and new cool ways to do development and testing.

One more thing it’s a service called Meetup, It’s a service that offers you the option to connect with local user groups. In my case it’s to get in contact with interesting pepole network and the most important share knowledge. Many of the tech/development related groups have a lot of interesting events with speakers that share about technologies they use.